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Our History Atlanta Connection



In June 2003, our first book club meeting was at Borders Bookstore at Stonecrest Mall, Lithonia, GA.  Karen organized the meeting, which was comprised of eight members. Today, there is a total of eleven members and room for plenty of growth potential.  Most of the members belong to the same church home, but we all quickly realized that there is a shared passion for reading. To our dismay, after selecting a name for our book club, we later found out that another Atlanta-based book club had the same name.  Research was performed to find the perfect name for our unique group of friendships. Katherine, who was member of the original Sistah Girl Reading Club based out of Miami,  now live in Atlanta provided detail information about the organization and how a connection could be made for our group. On our first weekend get-away in August 2006, the decision was made to join The Sistah Girl Reading Club, Inc.



Our Meetings



Meets once a month on the fourth Sunday at 4pm. There are times when we have made some exceptions to the above rule. The hostess for that month decides whether she will entertain at her home or have the meeting some other place. Each member brings a pot luck dish.



Our Membership


Membership to the SGRC Atlanta Connection is currently open. To become a member, we require that you enjoy reading, be dedicated to attending meetings, respect the opinion of other members, and like to have fun. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us at  or fill out the form below for further information.


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