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Our Beginning Jacksonville Connection


It all started when Jacqueline and some of the ladies at church were talking about books, and found out that they all loved to read and had the same interest in the types of books that theyread. Jacqueline had wanted to start a book club for years and realized that this was her opportunity to do so.  So with the encouragement of her sisters, Cassandra and Annette with SGRC in Miami, she hosted an Interested Meeting with the help of Wendia on November 7, 2003. There were 10 women in attendance.  We discussed business, played games, and ate well. We had a great time. Our first meeting was held January 9, 2004. We had the pleasure of having Hallema, the author of Mass Deception at our meeting. To date our membership stands at 6 members.

Our Meeting

We  meet once a month on the 2nd Friday of each month. We usually meet at a member's home but sometimes we venture out to a restaurant and have our discussions there. We do different outreach services for the community.



We've  had the pleasure to host the following authors:

The People Next Door By Bettye Griffin

Saxual Feelings By Luke Thomas

 The Letter By Rhonda Strawter


Our Membership

Membership to the SGRC Jacksonville Connection is currently open. To become a member, we require that you enjoy reading, be dedicated to attending meetings, respect the opinion of other members, and like to have fun. If you are interested in becoming a member please e-mail us or fill out the form below. 


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