In The Beginning Maryland


We had our first organizational Meeting December 7, 2014. Dorothy host our first meeting we have 9 members. How our club came about I (Dorothy) moved from Jacksonville Florida where I was a part of the SGRC Jacksonville connection. Since I moved back to Maryland I wanted to start a club.  October 2014 I went on the Sistah Girl Retreat which was a cruise.  I talked about it on the cruise and when I got back home I got the ball rolling. That is how the Maryland connection got started.


Our Meeting


We meet once every other month on the 4th Sunday At 4:00 P.M.  Where we fellowship at each others homes with cover dish in hand.





Membership to the SGRC Maryland Connection is currently open.  To become a member, we require that you enjoy reading, be dedicated to attending meetings, respect the opinion of other members, and like to have fun.  If you are interested in becoming  a member email us.  Thanks.

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