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Our Story Miami Connection



The club began when one of our former members was invited to attend a book club. Her experience was good except, that the ladies seem uptight and not relax.  Since she enjoy reading and knew of others likewise, she decided to put together her own book club.   An invitation was composed and sent to girlfriends, who inform their girlfriends and co-workers. A meeting was held and a guideline for a relaxing African American Book Club in Miami was formed.  Since October 1997,  we have come together every month with concoctions of specialty dishes, shoes off,  mouthfuls of good food and discussions of the book we selected for that month.



Our Gatherings


It was decided that all members would alternate  hosting club meeting.  Each members will bring a cover dish and the hostess is responsible for paper goods and drinks. The hostess would select the  book for the month and the location of the meeting.  We regularly meet on the 4th Sunday of each month at 4:00pm.  There is a ten dollar donation per month to help cover our outreach services for the community or any other expense/events that occur . 


Our Membership


Membership to the SGRC Miami Connection is currently open.  Although we enjoy meeting new people, we are currently not accepting new members because we're at capacity right now.  In the future to become a member, all we require is [1]. That you enjoy reading. [2]. Be dedicated to attending monthly meetings. [3]. Respect the opinion of other Sistahs, and [4]. Really, really like to have fun.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please e-mail us, or feel free to fill out the form below for more details.

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